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Morsofires stock many stove models, spare parts and accessories in our UK warehouse.
We only use a premium delivery service to assure the safe arrival of your stove please allow one to two weeks for stove deliveries.

Morso Fires also offer after sales support to their customers, and if your stove ever needs replacement parts or you wish to dress your stove from Morso accessories we are at hand to help.

All Morso stoves come with a ten year guarantee which is a testament to their quality.

View our range of stoves and special Morso promotional offers.

Morso stoves are probably the best stoves in the world. Morso stoves are hand built in denmark and have been since 1853 by skilled craftsmen. Morso stoves have the most amazing burn technology their wood burning stoves produce the very cleanest of clean burn which means less gases into the environment, but with the best viewing pleasure allowing you a wonderful site of the fire within the stove as it burns. Morso has led the way in the design and the form and function of their stoves since the very beginning.

Morso’s simple timeless design of stoves is their trademark, but they never compromise on heat output when designing a Morso stove. Morso has a stove to suit any home and taste whether you wish to have a modern insert or free standing stove or a more traditional stove.

The technical Sales Team at Morso Fires UK are able to offer you expert advice on choosing the right Morso stove for you and your home.

Morso and the Environment
Morso understand that Wood has quite a special property when talking about CO2. As the tree grows, it absorbs and locks in enormous amounts of carbon dioxide as part of the photosynthesis process. Precisely the same amount of CO2 is released into the atmosphere, when the tree is felled and burnt. If burning-off takes place efficiently, the count adjusts downwardly, so we can say that wood is CO2-neutral and therefore your morso stove will produce a green energy source.

Morso and C02
Not only that, wood – unlike e.g. oil, coal or gas - can be reproduced by planting new trees to replace those cut down. The neutral CO2-cycle can therefore be maintained. Generation after generation.which is the morso vision
To bring the CO2 count completely down to zero, the wood, as mentioned above, must be burnt off as efficiently as possible. And this is where Morsø wood-burning stoves score their first important points. Our many years of experience and constant development mean that, today, each and every one of our morso wood-burning stoves are among the most efficient combustion systems in the world.

A choice for life
The Morso life stile in your home
When you have visited the morso fires website, the likelihood is you’ll be sold. You’ll have fallen for Morsos timeless look. You’ll have fallen in love with morso,cast iron’s unique properties. And you’ll be convinced by morso stoves’ obvious plus points in terms of the environment.

But believe us – when you describe your relationship with your Morso in a few years’ time, it won’t be the morso design,or the morso cast iron workmenship or environment which will fuel your fondness. By then, your morso stove will have long become one of the best-loved items of furniture in your home. Your morso stove will be a good friend, that you will share a special sense of inner peace and harmony. A trusty source of comfort, you will love your morso stove for its looks and warmth. And for the glow of happiness it has spread throughout the house year after year.
To choose a Morso is, in other words, to make a choice for life.

Why morso
If you asked 100 random Danish people to name a make of wood-burning stove, more than 90 of them would without doubt say “Morso. With good reason. For generations, Morso has been the quintessence of a Danish wood-burning stove. Morso are timeless and modern at the same time. Efficient. Cosy. And made of cast iron, which many people still see as the only correct material for a stove.

We are aware of this
No matter how hard they’ve tried to produce new, cheaper and lighter materials, nobody has managed to produce a wood-burning stove with the same unique properties as the morso cast-iron stove:
All stoves want to expand as they get hot. However, cast iron has a thermal tension, which makes the material especially well suited to changing temperatures. The result is that a Morso cast-iron stove neither twists nor becomes skew once it’s heated up. We don’t weld our stoves – a Morso stove is bound with ceramic string and bolted together with screws, so it will always be perfectly sealed and always good for burning a fire in. Cast iron is highly resistant to burn-through.
The thickness of the cast iron we use at Morsø is almost twice as thick as a stove made of sheet iron. So, our wood-burning stoves retain the heat for longer.

What size and morso stove for your home
The size of your morso wood-burning stove totally depends on how much you are willing to invest. In this respect, too large can cause problems just as too small can. A morso stove that’s too small will not be able to heat the room adequately. However, if you buy a morso stove that’s too big in relation to the room, you will be forever cutting the air supply to keep the room temperature down. As a result, combustion will be incomplete and soot will quickly build up on the window and in the chimney. Not only that, the quantity of soot particles you emit into the environment will be disproportionately high.
Next to each of the morso stoves on this website, you will be able to see what room sizes they suit best. The room size is a guideline, as it can depend on the design and 
insulation etc. of the premises.insulation etc.

Installation & Assembly
Choosing the right morso model for you
If you are looking for a traditional stile of morso stove we recommend you visit the website pages with these models

Morso traditional stoves
Morso squirrel 1410 1412 1430 1442 morso badger 3112 morso owl 3410 morso panther 2110 2140 morso dove 1630 morso Viking 7110 morso 3610

If your home is more suited to a contemporary we recommend you visit the website pages with these model

Morso contemporary stoves
Morso 3142 morso 3440 morso 6140 morso 6148 morso 04 morso 06 morso 08 morso7642 morso 7644 morso 7648 morso 8140 morso 8147 morso 8142 morso 8180 morso 8182 morso 8188 morso 5660 morso 5448 morso 5460 morso S10 morso S50 morso S80

Installing your morso stove
One of the most important pre-conditions for an efficient morso stove is the chimney. In principle, the chimney functions as the engine of the morso stove. If the installation does not produce the correct draught, it will not function as it should. New morso stoves place higher demands on, e.g., draught and chimney conditions than many stoves using traditional combustion principles.

About Morso stoves
At the turn of the century, Morso began supplying heating systems to churches, schools and a number of public buildings, including the state railways and various ministries. And at the start of the 1900s, the popular imperial-style morso stoves found their way into the royal apartments at Amalienborg. In 1915, various morso stoves had already been supplied to the palaces at Amalienborg and to several other royal residences, and the morso company was therefore bestowed the prestigious title of Purveyor to His Majesty the King by King Christian X. Later, in 1969, the title was changed to Purveyor to the Royal Danish Court.

Always in front
Right from the earliest years, development and innovation have been an important driving force for Morso Jernstøberi. Various history-making products and principles have, therefore, put the beautiful island in Limfjord on the map. For example, the convection principle, which at the turn of the new century was developed in cooperation with other foundries, and which has set completely new standards on how efficiently and especially how comfortably we at morso can heat our homes with a solid fuel morso stove.
When central heating and, therefore, radiators began to make their mark in Danish homes in the 1950s, the solid fuel stove was out of fashion. But Morso showed once again that it had its finger on the pulse, when the revolutionary open morso fireplace stove, the 1122, was launched. In so doing, Morso opened up a completely new market and a completely new way of making life warmer, In the true sense of the word.
In summary, Morso has, step by step, led the way in both new designs and new ways of combining form and function; efficiency with beauty and comfort – and also in recent years with environmental awareness.

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